La región celebra la paz en Colombia

Este acuerdo de paz fue el resultado de cuatro años de negociaciones en La Habana, que tuvieron tensiones y contratiempos. Gran parte del mérito corresponde al gobierno de Santos, que impulsó los diálogos e invirtió todo su capital político en esta iniciativa.

Michael Shifter

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Colombia celebrates peace, and deserves it

The agreement signed yesterday by the government and the FARC is one of the few pieces of good news in a tumultuous world. It is a historic achievement for Colombia, one that should be celebrated and recognized for putting to end to an armed conflict that has plagued the country for more than half a century.

Michael Shifter

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Peace and the Environment in Colombia

Peace in Colombia promises to bring many environmental benefits to the country, but also poses environmental risks .

Lisa Viscidi, Margaret Myers

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The Future of Oil & Gas Exploration & Production in Colombia

The collapse in global oil prices has led to a steep decline in investment in Colombia’s hydrocarbons sector and reduced the value of its oil exports, depleting a key source of government revenue.

Lisa Viscidi, Rebecca O’Connor

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Can Peace Break Out in Colombia?

The tentative, but historic, peace deal between the government and the FARC may not be popular. But it still might work.

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Colombia’s Last Chance for Peace

Will the government’s new agreement to deescalate bring renewed faith — or just more skepticism?

Michael Shifter

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Uribe y Santos

Santos Must Face Down Uribe

Uribe, a key figure in Colombian politics, continues to influence people’s perceptions on the peace process.

Michael Shifter

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A Conversation with Simón Gaviria

With no time to lose, Colombia’s newly appointed Director of National Planning has gotten to work on an ambitious agenda.

Ilona de Zamaroczy

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Santos’ Second Term: What to Expect?

Santos enters his second term hoping to finalize negotiations with the FARC and ELN to end the country’s 50 year-long conflict.

Amanda Mitchell

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Can Santos Make Peace in Colombia?

Colombians savored a few moments of civility when they reelected President Juan Manuel Santos to a second four-year term.

Michael Shifter

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