XVI Annual CAF Conference

The US relationship with Latin America took center stage at the XVI CAF Annual Conference

Mary Dempsey

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Does Latin America Need Another Regional Organization?

During last month’s Rio Group summit in Mexico, Latin American leaders agreed to form a new regional bloc that would exclude the United States and Canada. Is this new group needed?

Peter Hakim, Pierre Pettigrew, Roger Noriega, Mark Weisbrot

Insulza & the OAS: Moment of Truth

Insulza appears to be headed for reelection as Secretary General of the OAS. The Chilean diplomat is gathering support throughout the hemisphere. The US and Venezuela are among the holdouts.

Michael Shifter

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Adios, Amigos

As Hillary Clinton travels through Latin America this week, the U.S. secretary of state will find it profoundly transformed from the relatively serene region she encountered as first lady in the 1990s.

Michael Shifter

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The Washington Post & the OAS Secretary General

The OAS needs to be reformed, but the changes need to emerge from accurate analysis of the problems confronting both Latin America and the OAS.

Peter Hakim

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A Disappointing First Year: Obama & Latin America

Inter-American relations have taken a disappointing course for the Obama Administration. The US has suffered several political setbacks in the region and little progress has been made on most of the “legacy” issues that Obama inherited.

Peter Hakim

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The Obama Administration: A Difficult Year in Latin America

2009 has not been a good year for U.S.-Latin America relations. Despite their warm welcome at the April Summit, Latin America’s governments made life more difficult than anticipated for President Obama.

Peter Hakim

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responding to the hemisphere's political challenges, oas

Responding to the Hemisphere’s Political Challenges

In this report, the Inter-American Dialogue’s Task Force on the Organization of American States reviewed the work of the OAS and set forth recommendations for how the organization can and should be used to engage the varied challenges confronting the hemisphere.

Peter Hakim, Fernando Cepeda

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