Don’t “Chavez-ize” Foreign Policy

Nada le convendría más a Chávez que, en el momento en que la atención internacional está puesta en Piñera, tener con él una confrontación en su estilo que no reconoce maneras.

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尽管委内瑞拉石油储量世界第一,但该国石油产量一直未能增加。2000年,该国石油产量为340万桶/日,随后逐步下降,至今年第一季度产量仅为259万桶/日,低于2015年278万桶/日的均值。能源顾问公司“IPD拉丁美洲(IPD Latin America)”在去年第四季度,委内瑞拉全国所有地区石油产量全部下滑,自2008年以来首次出现这种情况。委内瑞拉石油产量下降,其中有多少可以归咎于石油价格走低和市场动态,又有多少应归咎于该国动荡的政治和经济形势?在不久的将来,委内瑞拉的产油量还会下跌多少?短期内,国际原油价格不大可能超过100美元一桶,那么委内瑞拉重质原油的前景又如何呢?

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What is the Path Forward for Venezuela?

Tintori has been committed to spreading the word on the political situation in Venezuela for the past three years since her husband was imprisoned by President Maduro’s government. Throughout the event the speakers highlighted that there is an undeniable dictatorship in Venezuela that hinders power autonomy, prosecutes dissidents, and violates rule of law and human rights regularly. Tintori also stressed the urgent character of what is the worst humanitarian and economic crisis in the country’s history. She advocated for the immediate release of Leopoldo López, Antonio Ledezma, and all the 108 political prisoners.

Laura Campiglia de Méndez

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Venezuela’s Oil Sector: On the Brink of Collapse?

Venezuela’s oil industry has been in decline for years due to mismanagement and lack of investment. But this year, the industry’s problems seem to have multiplied as a result of the sharp decline in global oil prices.

Rebecca O’Connor

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Venezuela’s Continuing Crisis

Venezuela faces three interlocking challenges: a balance of payments crisis, a fiscal crisis, and a productivity collapse.

Diana Jordán

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Washington en shock tras victoria de Trump

Una semana después de la sorpresiva victoria electoral de Donald Trump, en la capital norteamericana se respira un ambiente de “incertidumbre”, mientras en diversas ciudades se han llevado a cabo inéditas protestas contra el presidente electo.

Michael Shifter, Carlos F. Chamorro

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为节约能源,委内瑞拉总统尼古拉斯·马杜罗(Nicolás Maduro)宣布,该国未来两个月内周五放假。委内瑞拉政府将目前的干旱归咎于厄尔尼诺现象,而反对派则认为这是执政十余年的“社会主义政府”投资过少所致。马杜罗控制能源消耗的举措能否取得成效?他的“周五放假”举措会帮助还是会伤害国家经济?

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Beyond the Summit

The gap between the US and Latin America has narrowed, but it is far from disappearing.

Michael Shifter

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One Small Chance for Venezuela

What is most surprising about the Venezuelan opposition’s overwhelming electoral victory on December 6 is that so many people were surprised.

Kevin Casas-Zamora

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Sorprendente noche electoral en Estados Unidos

Michael Shifter es entrevistado por Carlos de Vega, periodista para El País, en la noche de las elecciones presidenciales en EEUU. Con unos resultados cada vez más evidentes hacia la victoria de Donald Trump, Michael y Carlos analizan las razones de su éxito, las posibles políticas de Trump en la Casa Blanca y lo que se puede esperar de este presidente electo para América Latina.

Michael Shifter, Carlos de Vega

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How Much Worse Can Venezuela Get?

The country’s problems are profound and complex, with no easy answers in sight.

Ben Raderstorf, Michael Shifter

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Here’s How Venezuela Can Move Forward

It’s time for the leaders of the Caracas government and its opponents to begin negotiating a way back from the abyss.

Abraham Lowenthal

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