Women Rule South America

Would this be a more compassionate, more peaceful planet if more of it were ruled by women?

Peter Hakim

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20 Moments in LGBT History That You May Have Missed

As we celebrate lucky number ’13, here is a list of lesser-known milestones that demonstrate the LGBT community’s progress in such a short span of time.

Cameron Combs

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Top LGBT Stories from the Americas

Our hemisphere is quickly becoming one of the most gay-friendly territories in the world, but not everything is advancing positively.

Javier Corrales

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LGBT Rights in the Americas

Argentina is leading the way in the push for LGBT equality in the Americas, but despite its progressive laws, much remains to be done.

Cameron Combs

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gay pride flag

Christian and LGBT Groups Have Brought the Battle for Gay Rights to the Caribbean

The West is known for exporting its culture, but also its culture wars. The fight for gay rights abroad is the latest example. Powerful, US-based Christian-conservative groups and a network of pro-LGBT transnational actors have each become deeply involved in debates about homosexuality in many countries of the Global South.

Cameron Combs, Javier Corrales

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las mujeres de america latina, al alza

Latin American Women Rising

In this report, Joan Caivano from the Inter-American Dialogue and Jane Marcus-Delgado from CUNY analyze Latin American women’s advance into positions of leadership and then highlight areas where important obstacles remain.

Joan Caivano, Jane Marcus-Delgado

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Pope Francis

The New Pope and Gay Rights

The Catholic Church is not the greatest barrier to the advancement of gay rights in the Americas.

Cameron Combs

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Women and the Judiciary in the Americas: Leadership and Outcomes

We are pleased to present this report on women in judicial leadership in the Americas. In recent decades, women in Latin America and the Caribbean have made tremendous strides towards achieving leadership in every sphere and at the highest levels.

Joan Caivano, Joan D. Winship, Zaida Arguedas

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public debate over private lives, report, joan caivano

The Public Debate Over Private Lives

In this article of Americas Quarterly, Joan Caivano and Jane Marcus-Delgado look at abortion access and reproductive rights in Latin American countries.

Joan Caivano, Jane Marcus-Delgado

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Michelle Bachelet

Beyond Equal Rights

Women’s political and economic participation strengthens democracy, equality and the economy.

Michelle Bachelet

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