How Much Are Latin American Children Learning?

In recent years, debates on education policy have been shifting their focus from educational quantity—getting more children in school and ensuring they stay longer—to educational quality—the learning that children acquire while at school.This change is welcome. Evidence suggests that low-quality schooling confers few benefits, and that quality education (as measured…

Alejandro Ganimian

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Education Reform in Chile

Chile has been rocked by powerful student protests that call for greater education quality and equity since 2011.

Federico Sucre

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Education in Latin America

Traditional policies , mainly based in expanding coverage to more students,are currently inadequate tothe social and economic changes that are happening in the region.

Jeffrey Puryear

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Teacher Training and Academic Brackground

This report presents the findings of a comparative study about the academic background of teachers in primary and secondary education in the US, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Japan.

Richard M. Ingersoll

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Teacher Training in Chile

The Chilean education system has 180,000 teachers and is divided into preschool, elementary, middle, higher, technical and adults. This paper deals with the first four levels. The first three types of schools can be municipal (state funding), private (Private funding) or private subsidized (with mixed funding). To enroll in universities, one…

Paula Louzano, Alejandro Morduchowicz

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Measuring Early Childhood Development in Latin America

Measuring early childhood development (ECD) at the national level is crucial for informing policy-making and for evaluating ECD programs in Latin America.

Ariel Fiszbein, Gabriela Guerrero, Vanessa Rojas

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Teaching and Learning in Search of New Routes

The criticism of the traditional ways of teaching have gained more strengt against the requirements of a training, which addresses the rapid obsolescence of knowledge and the need to ensure an effective and relevant learning.  

Gloria Calvo

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