Centroamérica en la mira

Central American migration is linked to poverty, inequality, and violence in the region.

Manuel Orozco, Julia Yansura

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What Do Great Teachers Do?

Recent research suggests that teachers are the most important factor in improving student learning.

Jeffrey Puryear

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What Do We Know about School Principals?

Principals play a key role in student achievement, teacher engagement, and the overall success of schools

Federico Sucre, José Weinstein, Gonzalo Muñoz

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Building Effective Teacher Policies

There is little debate regarding the importance of teachers for learning. The real question is: how can we improve their effectiveness?

Ariel Fiszbein, Belén Cumsille

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School Reintegration for Vulnerable Youth

While access to education in Latin America has increased significantly, school dropout remains a critical issue, particularly among the vulnerable youth.

Federico Sucre

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American Political Decay or Renewal?

In the 2016 presidential election, whatever the issue—from immigration to financial reform to trade to stagnating incomes—large numbers of voters on both sides of the spectrum have risen up against what they see as a corrupt, self-dealing Establishment, turning to radical outsiders in the hopes of a purifying cleanse.

Francis Fukuyama

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Is Latin America Meeting the MDGs?

How useful are the MDG’s broad targets as measurements of progress in the region?

George Gray Molina, Ronaldo Munck, Paula Lucci, Alejandra Kubitschek Bujones


Peru’s Outlook Under PPK

A day prior to PPK’s swearing-in as Peru’s president, the Inter-American Dialogue held an event to discuss the political and economic outlook for the country under Kuczynski’s government. Marcello Estevão, mission chief for Peru at the IMF, and Luis Oganes, Global Head of Emerging Markets Research at JP Morgan Chase,…

David Alzate

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An Agenda for Early Childhood Development

Early childhood development is one of the investments with the highest returns and allows us to achieve, simultaneously, equity and efficiency objectives.

Carolina Aulicino, Gala Díaz Langou

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