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Una nueva era de reformas

Desde hace décadas, las exportaciones y los mercados de América Latina vienen respaldando los objetivos de la política interna de China

Margaret Myers

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China & Latin America in 2013

2013 was the 15th year of China’s “going out” initiative. During this period, the Asian giant’s economic relations with Latin America expanded rapidly.

Margaret Myers, Peter Hakim

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China’s New Food Security Objectives

China will increase its focus on LAC agriculture in order to supplement domestic production with soy and other food imports.

Margaret Myers

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How Big of an Economic Threat Does China Pose to Brazil?

Will the anti-dumping measures, border controls and tax breaks associated with Rousseff’s industrial plan, ‘Plano Brasil Maior,’ slow the onslaught of cheap imports?

Margaret Myers, John Williamson, Gary Hufbauer, David Kupfer

Was Maduro’s Trip to China a Success?

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro this month made a three-day visit to China, his first official state trip abroad since taking office. Was the trip a success?

bush-articleinline, Margaret Myers, Riordan Roett, Dan Hellinger

Reassessing China-Mexico Competition

Despite reports in recent months that Mexican manufacturing is experiencing a resurgence, Mexico’s industrial sector faces tremendous challenges.

Margaret Myers

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Margaret Myers

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Margaret Myers, Ricardo Barrios

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Margaret Myers, Ricardo Barrios

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Are China and Panama Getting It Right?

Best outcomes for Panama, whether in its relations with China or other economic partners, will depend on the country’s commitment to open and equitable procurement processes and effective project monitoring and evaluation.

Margaret Myers

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