Our Children Need to Learn More and Better

During the last ten years Bolivar and Cartagena made great efforts for education. The results showed an increase in coverage, but they were indebted with quality and equity. Between 1994 and 2003 the number of enrolled students doubled. Once the crisis passed, dropout and repetition rates decreased in pre and…

Observatorio del Caribe Colombiano

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To Improve, an Urgent Challenge

During the last ten years education in el Valle del Cauca has progressed in some ways, but in others it has declined. Illiteracy rates have decreased, average school years have increased- in both aspects el Valle del Cauca is better thant the rest of the country-; besides, teachers have improved…

Fundación Instituto Baldo para el Desarrollo de las Organizaciones

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We Have to Move Forward

Since 1995 Casanare showed great progress in education. The increase in quota was three time higher than the national average and enrollment reached 81%. Casanare also managed to decrease repetition and droupt rates, decrease the differences among children from rural and urban areas and to increase the proportion of teachers…

Blanca Lilia Caro Acero

Great Progress, but Inefficient

Since 1994, Antioquia and Medellin have made valuable fforts to cover and improve quaility education. Between that year and 2002 the number of enrolled students increased by 2% per year and the major efforts were towareds preschool, secondary and middle education. Moreover, almost all children between 7 and 11 years…

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