Economic Growth and Family Remittances to Central America in 2018

Central American economies continue to struggle with achieving higher rates of economic growth, of above 4%. The sluggish growth continues to limit the ability of these countries to achieve economic development and prevent emigration in the long term. Of particular relevance is the fact that these economies are highly dependent on a small number of economic activities, and remittances are a central, if not the most important, source of income.

Manuel Orozco

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¿Cómo afectarían al envío de remesas los cambios migratorios de Donald Trump?

Con los cambios de la política migratoria de Estados Unidos, se cuestiona el impacto que la finalización del Estatus de Protección Temporal tendrá sobre los países que envían remesas a sus países de origen. Manuel Orozco comenta para CNN sobre el impacto en Honduras, Nicaragua y El Salvador.

Manuel Orozco, Jose Manuel Rodriguez,

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Would a Trade Deal With China Benefit Panama?

Panama and China began negotiations for a free trade agreement on July 9. What benefits would a deal bring?

Barbara Kotschwar, Joaquín Jácome Diez, Anabel González, Arancha González

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Orozco: ‘La idea de que Ortega permanezca hasta 2021 ya no es viable para nadie’

Desde el pasado 18 de abril, a consecuencia de una reforma al seguro social, el descontento popular ha escalado en Nicaragua. La respuesta del régimen del Presidente Daniel Ortega ha sido la represión y hasta ahora, alrededor de 300 muertos han sido reportados. Ante la violencia rampante, la comunidad internacional ha manifestado su preocupación y descontento. Manuel Orozco dio una entrevista acerca de los impactos que estas sanciones tendrán en Nicaragua, y de los posibles escenarios futuros en el conflicto.

Manuel Orozco, Roberto Fonseca L.

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Protesters have taken to the streets several times in recent months, including last month in the city of Masaya, pictured above. // File Photo: Alianza Cívica por la Defensa de Masaya.

Will Nicaragua Find a Resolution to its Political Crisis?

More than 300 people have died in Nicaragua since anti-government protests broke out in April. Will a resolution come?

Carlos Fernando Chamorro, Marie Arana, Francisco Cambpell, Christine Wade, Gavin Strong

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Teaching for Success: Teacher Policies in Shanghai and Lessons for Central America

Teacher quality is one of the variables that most influences educational outcomes. Shanghai, one of the best-performing education systems in the world, has a complex teacher policy framework that emphasizes high entry standards and continuous improvement. What lessons can Shanghai’s teacher policies offer Central America?

Eduardo Vélez Bustillo, Jin Chi

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Recent Trends in Central American Migration

Though migration has continued, it has done so at a declining rate. In fact, overall growth in the migrant population in the United States has been offset by large numbers of deportations. This memo analyzes recent trends in Central American migration, starting with a brief historical context and moving on to current developments. It considers geographical divisions, reasons for migrating, and growth in the overall migrant population. It also addresses why the numbers of apprehensions are different from the numbers of people migrating. Finally, it considers implications of these current trends for Central American countries.

Manuel Orozco

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The End of TPS: Policy Options, Social Impacts

On Wednesday, February 14th the Inter-American Dialogue’s Migration, Remittances & Development Program hosted a panel discussion concerning the political, economic, and social implications of ending Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Salvadorans. Moderated by the Director of the Program, Manuel Orozco, the panel included María Eugenia Brizuela de Ávila, Former Foreign Minister of El Salvador; Andrew Selee, President of the Migration Policy Institute; and Oscar Chacón, Executive Director of Alianza Americas.

Audrey Velanovich

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Prospects for expanding US natural gas exports to Latin America

Energy continues to be a bright spot in the US-Latin America relationship and new developments, like an uptick in US LNG exports, offer opportunities to increase energy security and cooperation across the Western Hemisphere.

Rebecca O’Connor

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