The United States and Mexico in the Trump Era

On February 6, the Inter-American Dialogue, in partnership with Tulane University and Colegio de Mexico, hosted an all-day conference on US-México relations. This forum convened academic and policy experts from both countries to discuss the challenges and dynamics underpinning economic, migration, and security policies in the Trump administration.

Martín Rodriguez Nuñez

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Margaret Myers, Ricardo Barrios

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China’s ‘Period of Strategic Opportunity’ in Mexico

In recent months, Beijing has launched an unprecedented charm offensive in Mexico, including a series of investments and renewed talk of a bilateral trade pact, among other forms of outreach.

Margaret Myers, Ricardo Barrios

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Las Americas a examen: Shifter sobre China en Latam, TPP, TCLAN, Cuba, Colombia

En esta conversación con la Fundación Global para la Democracia, Michael Shifter discutió temas de actualidad e importancia para Latinoamérica: el papel de China en la región, la posición de Estados Unidos en el mundo después de su retiro del TPP, las renegociaciones del TLCAN, relaciones bilaterales entre Estados Unidos y Cuba, desigualdad y violencia, y la relación entre EEUU y Colombia.

Michael Shifter

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Outlook for Energy in the Western Hemisphere

Latin America faces many challenges in developing its energy resources and providing clean, affordable and reliable energy. With presidential elections in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia next year, there is considerable uncertainty about future energy policy, as potential candidates in these countries have presented widely varying energy and economic policy platforms.

Sawyer Thomas, Sergio Martinez Cotto

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NAFTA Renegotiation may be an Opportunity for Korea-LAC Cooperation

During an exclusive interview with South Korean newspaper Maeil Business, Michael Shifter, President of the Inter-American Dialogue, noted that certain Trump administration’s policies – such as pushing for the renegotiation of NAFTA – could have positive effects for South Korea. “Donald Trump’s new trade policy can be an opportunity for Korea to expand its reach to the Latin American market.”

Michael Shifter, 박종훈 기자

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US-Latin America Energy Investment

While the Trump administration’s “America first” policies are aimed primarily at giving higher priority to national security and economic growth for the United States, the White House’s approach will have impacts on energy relations with the rest of the hemisphere that should also be considered.

Lisa Viscidi, Rebecca O’Connor

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Untangling the Future of NAFTA

On March 6th, The Dialogue hosted an open discussion on the future of NAFTA and the global impacts of its potential reform or repeal. Along with substantial political uncertainty about the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), there is also widespread confusion about the various options and scenarios for reform within the complicated architecture of the multilateral trading system. Many of the possible outcomes would have grave implications—not only for the economies of Mexico, the US, and Canada, but also for other major trading partners.

Danielle Edmonds

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Las agendas de Trump para América Latina

Nada indica que el resto de América Latina no pueda volverse blanco de la ira nacionalista de Trump en el futuro.

Michael Shifter

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Trump and Latin American Energy: The Costs of Cutting Ties

Cuts to Washington’s energy engagement could undermine the connections that help support U.S.–Latin American cooperation on issues from security to immigration. When it comes to weakening energy integration in the Americas, there are few winners.

Lisa Viscidi, Rebecca O’Connor

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