Migration, Remittances and Development

This document offers an introduction to the migration dynamics in Guatemala and proposes an approach to leverage opportunities.

Manuel Orozco

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RIO Newsletter

The following is a sample of RIO’s monthly newsletter related to net migration flows from Mexico and Central America to the US.

Manuel Orozco, Laura Porras

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Removed, Returned and Resettled

The emigration and return of hundreds of thousands of Central Americans each year, often under difficult circumstances, represents a profound challenge for the region.

Manuel Orozco, Julia Yansura

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Central American Economies in 2015

One of the greatest challenges that the Central American region faces is ensuring that economic development is sustainable and equitable.

Manuel Orozco, Julia Yansura

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Immigration Policy: What’s Next?

Obama has acted decisively to push through immigration reforms but the scope of his efforts remain unclear.

Marielle Coutrix

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Violence Driving Migration

Tens of thousands of children have been apprehended at the US border over the past year.

Megan Cook

Remittances Scorecard: 2016

In its fourth edition, the Remittances Scorecard ranks 30 companies working in 11 Latin American and Caribbean countries. It evaluates them across 12 indicators to assess their performance and competition in the money transfer industry.

Manuel Orozco, Laura Porras, Julia Yansura

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