Death of a Prosecutor

The circumstances surrounding the Nisman case have dealt a severe blow to confidence in the Kirchner government.

Murat Dagli

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Will a New Team Turn Argentina’s Economy Around?

Since taking over as Argentina’s president a year ago, Mauricio Macri has implemented free-market measures in an effort to spur the economy and attract foreign investment. However, the country’s economy contracted for the fourth consecutive time in last year’s third quarter, and Macri in December dismissed his finance minister, Alfonso Prat-Gay, and split his ministry of treasury and finance into two cabinet departments. What kinds of economic policies can be expected of new Treasury Minister Nicolás Dujovne and new Finance Minister Luis Caputo?

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The Implications of Argentina’s Elections

Argentina’s economic woes, as well as the president’s health problems, have raised a number of questions about its political situation.

Veronica Gaitan

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Is Macri Trying to Do Too Much, Too Soon in Argentina?

Argentine President Mauricio Macri’s government started negotiations Jan. 13 with creditors to end the country’s protracted dispute over repaying bondholders, which stems from Argentina’s massive 2001 default.

Claudio Loser, Mario Rapoport, Julio Darío Burdman

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Latinoamérica y las elecciones en Estados Unidos

La política exterior de EEUU se verá afectada por una campaña que ha revelado los sentimientos antiinmigración y contrarios a la globalización de una parte importante de los estadounidenses. Latinoamérica, en cualquier caso, no será prioridad para Washington.

Peter Hakim

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Why Have Argentina and the U.S. Teamed Up on Tax Evasion?

The United States will expedite the process of sharing tax information with Argentina in an effort to combat money laundering and address tax evasion through increased information sharing, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced last month during a trip to Buenos Aires. Argentines are estimated to hold some $500 billion…

Claudio Loser, Miguel Kiguel, Eduardo Amadeo

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A New Era

So far, Macri has been successful in attributing the social pain of the reforms to the gravity of the situation he inherited. Still, Argentina’s patience could run out before the economy starts growing again.

Michael Shifter, Bruno Binetti

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Prioridades para la próxima administración de EE.UU.

Independientemente de quién gane, es casi seguro que América Latina no será una prioridad para Estados Unidos. EE.UU. no se enfrenta a amenazas urgentes o desafíos en la región, ni está ante unas oportunidades especiales. Ni a los EE.UU. le interesa la integración regional. La propia región permanecerá dividida en muchos aspectos y la política de EE.UU. se centrará principalmente en las relaciones bilaterales.

Peter Hakim

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