Producing High-Quality Teachers

Teaching is crucial to high-quality education, yet there is little agreement on how to produce high-quality teachers

Jeffrey Puryear

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Assessing the State of Doing Business in Latin America

As Latin American and Caribbean economies have intermittently thrived then struggled in the past decade, the barriers to doing business have remained consistently high. And while reform efforts accelerated in 2016, improving business regulations and economic governance remains a critical missing step for poverty reduction, growth, competitiveness, and the rule of law.

Tim Mahony

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Reflections on Mt. Pleasant

Each year, the Migration, Remittances, and Development Program surveys migrants about their views on a variety of topics.

Elena Bauer,

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Did Fidel Destroy His Own Legacy?

No one can deny Fidel Castro his place in history. He was, by any measure, the most prominent political figure in Latin America in the 20th century, maybe since Christopher Columbus. The question is whether the narrative will be mostly about bold dreams and progressive change—or about oppression and stagnation in Cuba.

Peter Hakim

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What Are the Critical Issues Facing Women?

How are women faring in Latin America? Where has progress been made and how has that been achieved?

Joan Caivano, Jacqueline Pitanguy, Maria de los Ángeles Fernández R.

Setting the Stage for Improved Learning

Despite the importance of teachers in the learning process, systems for recruiting, selecting, training, and supporting teachers remain deficient.

Federico Sucre, Ariel Fiszbein

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Latin America’s Productivity Challenge

There is a gap between the skills that the Latin American workforce offers and the skills that companies in the region demand.

Federico Sucre, Maria Oviedo

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On the Zika Crisis

Government agencies and international organizations race to find a solution given recent information about the link between Zika and neurological disorders.

Missy Reif

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Construyendo una educación de calidad

Construyendo una educación de calidad shows that children and young Latin Americans are not learning at acceptable levels and proposes the creation of social pacts to improve education quality.

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Cuban Voices: Paths to the Future

El 12 de abril de 2016, el Diálogo Interamericano sostuvo un conversatorio con representantes del grupo Cuba Posible, sobre el camino al futuro de Cuba.

Diana Jordán

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