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A Message from Our President

A message from Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, on reaffirming the Dialogue’s mission at a time of crisis in the United States.

Michael Shifter

Michael Camilleri comenta sobre las manifestaciones de Estados Unidos en el canal El Financiero Video

Trump hace que la violencia suba de tono en Estados Unidos

En esta entrevista para el programa La Nota Dura en El Financiero, Michael Camilleri y Javier Risco hablan sobre la situación actual de las manifestaciones en los Estados Unidos y las reacciones del presidente Trump y los gobiernos estatales. 

Michael Camilleri, Javier Risco

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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro // File Photo: Brazilian Government

Will Brazil Allow Development on Indigenous Lands?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on the development of indigenous land in Brazil.

Isabella Alcañiz, Leni Berliner, Jana Nelson, Luiza Lima

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Nemonte Nenquimo, the president of the Waorani Pastaza Organization (Conconawep) and a plaintiff in the lawsuit. . // File Photo: Amazon Frontlines.

Can Ecuador Reap Oil Benefits While Protecting its Land?

A Latin America Energy Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on the 2019 judicial win of the Waorani indigenous community against Ecuador.

Enrique Ortiz, Carlos Mazabanda, Mario Melo, Mario Flor

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Members of the Raquem Pillá community pose for a photo. // File Photo: Chilean Government

Where Is Chile’s Conflict With the Mapuche Headed?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on the death of Juan de Dios Mendoza Lebu of the Raquem Pillá community of Chile`s Mapuches.

Maria Velez de Berliner, Robert Funk, Patricia Richards

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Colombia expands national parks and ethnic community lands

Under President Juan Manuel Santos, the Colombian government has vastly expanded protected areas, creating new national parks and providing land titles to indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities in the Amazon, Chocó and other important forest regions. However, many challenges remain. National parks and indigenous and Afro-Colombian lands continue to be threatened by illegal occupation, coca cultivation and illegal gold mining.

Lisa Viscidi

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Antonio Costa (R), who took over Brazil’s National Indian Foundation in January, was sacked last week by officials at the Justice Ministry, a decision Costa says stemmed from his willingness to stand up to powerful political and business elites. // File Photo: Government of Brazil.

How Should Brazil Resolve Disputes With Its Indigenous?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on Brazil’s handling of a 2017 land dispute between indigenous tribes and rural farmers.

Christian Poirier, Tom Griffiths, Kevin Healy, Carlos Mateo Paz-Soldan

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Ethno-Racial Poverty and Income Inequality in Brazil

Fiscal policy played an important role in reducing poverty and inequality in Brazil (Higgins and Pereira, 2014) over the last fifteen years, but how much redistribution and poverty reduction is being accomplished across ethnic groups?

Claudiney Pereira


Fiscal Policy, Inequality & the Ethnic Divide in Guatemala

Guatemala is among the most unequal countries in Latin America. Fiscal policy has done very little to reduce inequality and poverty overall and along ethnic lines.

Nora Lustig, Maynor Cabrera, Hilcías E. Morán

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Fiscal Policy and Ethno-Racial Inequality in Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala and Uruguay

African descendants and indigenous peoples in Latin America face higher poverty rates and are disproportionately represented among the poor. Per capita income of the white population can be sixty percent higher to twice as high as the per capita income of the African descendant and indigenous populations.

Nora Lustig

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