Meet Brazil’s Unexpected President

Michel Temer is a deal-maker who took advantage of Dilma Rousseff’s downfall. What kind of leader will he be?

Ben Raderstorf, Michael Shifter

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Update on Mexico

Mexico’s ambitious reform agenda–spanning across educational, electoral, and energy initiatives–has fallen short of expectations.

Diego Recinos

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Has Mexico’s Security Improved Under Peña Nieto?

What should be the first tasks of Renato Sales, whom Peña Nieto named as his national security commissioner?

Andrés Rozental, Mary Speck, Ruben Olmos, Sylvia Longmire

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Latin America in the New Era of Globalization

Through his decades of devotion to resolving economic issues and inequality in Latin America, Enrique V. Iglesias has left a lasting impact on the lives of many.

Haley Florsheim

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Assessing the State of Doing Business in Latin America

As Latin American and Caribbean economies have intermittently thrived then struggled in the past decade, the barriers to doing business have remained consistently high. And while reform efforts accelerated in 2016, improving business regulations and economic governance remains a critical missing step for poverty reduction, growth, competitiveness, and the rule of law.

Tim Mahony

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Cuba 1.5?

When Yoani Sánchez started blogging, she probably did not anticipate the worldwide impact that her portrayal of life in Havana would have.

Katherina Hruskovec

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Haiti’s Electoral Cycle

More than 5 years after a devastating earthquake, Haiti’s electoral cycle reveals a troubling reality in the country

Diego Recinos

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What Challenges Face the OAS’ Next Leader?

Is Almagro the right person for the job? What are the first tasks he should tackle?

Nils Castro, Pía Riggirozzi, Ezequiel Vázquez-Ger, Andrew F. Cooper, John Maisto

Did Fidel Destroy His Own Legacy?

No one can deny Fidel Castro his place in history. He was, by any measure, the most prominent political figure in Latin America in the 20th century, maybe since Christopher Columbus. The question is whether the narrative will be mostly about bold dreams and progressive change—or about oppression and stagnation in Cuba.

Peter Hakim

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What Will Trudeau & the Liberals Bring to Canada?

What do the results mean for businesses in Canada, and which sectors will be most affected?

Arturo Sarukhan, Kenneth Frankel, Carlo Dade, Paul Durand, Maxwell A. Cameron

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Venezuela’s Political Outlook

Chávez’s sickness has exposed him as vulnerable. People are beginning to realize that he is not eternal, that his mandate is limited.

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