Evo Morales steps down: “The people of Bolivia took to the streets to defend their democracy, but the military gave Morales the final push.”

Michael Camilleri, director of the Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program at the Inter-American Dialogue, spoke with France24 about recent events in Bolivia. Camilleri commented on the military’s role in the ouster of President Evo Morales as well as Morales’ legacy and motivations. He concluded by noting the importance of a peaceful and swift democratic transition towards free and fair elections.

Michael Camilleri

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When ‘dialogue’ becomes a dirty word. The case of Venezuela.

The exercise and practice of dialogue can be traced back thousands of years, perhaps even to the beginning of civilization. In more recent times there has been a surge of interest in dialogue, with the use of the term and its application proliferating within the disciplines of peacebuilding and development,…

Michael Camilleri, Riva Kantowitz

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How Evo Morales running again — and again — undermines Bolivia’s democracy

On Oct. 20, Bolivian President Evo Morales will go to the polls in search of a fourth term. Victory would extend his time in office to almost two decades, and — depending on how the election goes — could place democracy itself at risk in the Andean country.

Ben Raderstorf, Michael Camilleri

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Michael Camilleri

Alumnus in the News: Michael Camilleri

Dialogue alumnus Michael Camilleri joined the Biden-Harris Administration as a senior advisor to Administrator-designate Samantha Power at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). He will lead a new USAID task force on the Northern Triangle of Central America.

Michael Camilleri

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Joe Biden

Colombia y Venezuela, dos temas calientes en la agenda de Biden

En diálogo con El Espectador, Michael Camilleri, director del Programa de Estado de Derecho Peter D. Bell del Diálogo Interamericano, habla sobre lo que vendrá para la implementación del Acuerdo de Paz en Colombia, y cómo responderá Joe Biden a la crisis migratoria en América Central.

Michael Camilleri

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Joe Biden

Victoria de Joe Biden en las elecciones estadounidenses

Después de una divisiva campaña y un año electoral sin precedentes marcado por la pandemia Covid-19, Joe Biden ha resultado vencedor en las elecciones presidenciales de Estados Unidos y se convertirá en el 46º presidente de los Estados Unidos. ¿Qué implicaciones tendrá su presidencia para la política exterior de Estados Unidos, particularmente en América Latina? 

Michael Shifter, Michael Camilleri, Margaret Myers, Lisa Viscidi

Joe Biden speaking during the 20th Annual CAF Conference

Joe Biden’s Presidency: Implications for Latin America & the Caribbean

After a divisive campaign season and unprecedented election year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, Joe Biden will be sworn in today as the 46th president of the United States of America. What implications will his presidency have for US foreign policy, particularly in Latin America? Our experts share their opinions in these quotes, op-eds, interviews, and Q&As from the Latin America Advisor.

Michael Shifter, Michael Camilleri, Margaret Myers, Lisa Viscidi

Joe Biden speaks at a rally during his campaign for the presidency

Biden’s Latin America Opportunity: Why the Western Hemisphere Is More Important Than Ever

As the Biden administration prepares to restore US leadership on the global stage, enhanced coordination with Latin America and the Caribbean on vital issues such as climate change, human rights, and a rules-based trading system beckons as a strategic opportunity. The president-elect, more than any recent occupant of the White House, is well placed to seize it.

Michael Camilleri

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Joe Biden habla en un evento de 2019

Joe Biden, Friend of Latin America

When President Biden takes office in January, he will not approach Latin America with a blank checkbook or magic formulas for hemispheric comity and recovery, but he will offer his characteristic humanity, his belief in the region’s promise, and his administration’s steadfast engagement.

Michael Camilleri

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Michael Camilleri habla como panelista del evento convocado por Fundamedios Video

La transición presidencial y el rol de la prensa en las elecciones en USA

El 24 de noviembre se llevó a cabo el webinar “La transición presidencial y el rol de la prensa en las elecciones en USA” organizado por Fundamedios, con la participación de Michael Camilleri, director del programa Estado de Derecho Peter D. Bell del Diálogo Interamericano.

Michael Camilleri, Frank LaRue

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Donald Trump da un discurso desde un podio Video

Camilleri: “Los medios de comunicación existen para informar, no para desinformar”

Michael Camilleri habló con Camila Zuluaga de Blu Radio sobre cuál ha sido el papel de los medios en las elecciones de los Estados Unidos. La conversación abordó el debate sobre la conferencia de prensa controversial del presidente Trump el 5 de noviembre y la decisión de varios medios de comunicación de cortar su cobertura en medio del evento.

Michael Camilleri, Camila Zuluaga

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Plan B in Venezuela

The United States must now reassess its approach. Washington shouldn’t give up its sustained focus on the crisis or its stated objective of restoring democracy and constitutional order, but it does have to accept the facts on the ground and recognize that maximalist demands are unhelpful.

Michael Camilleri

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