The Future of Education in Latin America and the Caribbean

A new report from the Education program analyzes trends in education policy and outcomes, as well as in development assistance and investment. It identifies spaces for US-LAC partnership for new and continued engagement.

Sarah Stanton, Ariel Fiszbein

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Mexico’s Renewable Energy Future

Improving grid management, expanding fiscal incentives for renewable technologies, and improving the land consultation process will open the door to the large Mexican renewable energy market.

Lisa Viscidi

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Recent Trends in Central American Migration

Though migration has continued, it has done so at a declining rate. In fact, overall growth in the migrant population in the United States has been offset by large numbers of deportations. This memo analyzes recent trends in Central American migration, starting with a brief historical context and moving on to current developments. It considers geographical divisions, reasons for migrating, and growth in the overall migrant population. It also addresses why the numbers of apprehensions are different from the numbers of people migrating. Finally, it considers implications of these current trends for Central American countries.

Manuel Orozco

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LNG in the Americas

The next few years will see a major shift in the hemispheric natural gas trade, as increased US LNG exports increasingly displace volumes from other exporters.

Lisa Viscidi, Alex Wood, Jason Fargo

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Security for Sale

The rapid rise of the private security industry is an inevitable byproduct of high levels of crime and violence in the region, and brings a new set of challenges to citizen security in Latin America.

Sarah Kinosian, James Bosworth

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Chinese Finance to Latin America and the Caribbean in 2017

China’s record of lending in LAC continues to surpass that of other banks, even though policy banks issued only $9 billion to the region in 2017.

Margaret Myers, Kevin Gallagher

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Extractive Industries and Environmental Regulation in Post-Conflict Colombia

A new report by the Inter-American Dialogue analyzes the challenges to environmentally and socially sustainable development of the oil and mining sectors in Colombia and raises important questions for policymakers, such as where extractive industries should be permitted to operate, who should be responsible for oversight and how to make operations more environmentally sustainable.

Lorenzo Morales

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Rebuilding Hemispheric Consensus

A reform agenda for the Organization of American States. 

Ben Raderstorf, Michael Shifter

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Towards an Adjustment of Status for Salvadorans with TPS

In January, 2018 the US government announced that it will not renew Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Salvadorans. This report will explore the consequences of this decision and offer several proposals for avoiding or mitigating the potential harm to Salvadorans currently protected by TPS.

Manuel Orozco

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Pen, pencil, paper: School resources in Chile

How can Chile use school resources more effectively to ensure educational equity, strengthen leadership and improve teaching?

Ariel Fiszbein, Paulo Santiago, Sandra García Jaramillo, Thomas Radinger

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Democracy in the Digital Age

A report on freedom of expression in the Americas and Europe’s ‘right to be forgotten’. 

Catalina Botero, Michael Camilleri, Carlos Cortés

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The Energy of Transportation: A Focus on Latin American Urban Transportation

Addressing Latin America’s transportation challenges requires an integrated approach that includes stemming the growth in demand for private vehicles through the improvement of public transportation systems and non-motorized forms of transport; raising the levels of fuel efficiency and fuel quality; and diversifying fuel sources.

Lisa Viscidi, Rebecca O’Connor

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Beneath the Violence: How Insecurity Shapes Daily Life and Emigration in Central America

New research from the Inter-American Dialogue and the Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) shows how crime avoidance influences everyday behaviors and has significant consequences for education, economic opportunity, development, and the rule of law—and help explain why intentions to migrate have risen sharply in every Central American country.

Ben Raderstorf, Michael Camilleri, Carole J. Wilson, Elizabeth J. Zechmeister

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