Nicaragua Needs a Political Movement with Proposals and Protests

Representantes de las diversas organizaciones políticas que conformaron la Coalición Nacional Carlos Herrera / Confidencial

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Manuel Orozco was interviewed on February 24, 2020 by Carlos Fernando Chamorro from Confidencial. Given the expectations the National Coalition has generated, he discussed what the people of Nicaragua are waiting for. People want a way out of the economic crisis without the Ortega Government policies on the street, extortion, economic repression, or conditioning on freedom of movement.

Comments by Manuel Orozco:

The National Coalition announces a new call for participation on February 25, 2020

“The National Coalition is the first step to form a coalition that is a political vehicle of the opposition as an alternative to the current Government. The Civic Alliance and the National Unity are emerging as a unified political movement through the means of a coalition, and from the 25th onward, they will add important political forces that create the basis for a change in political capital and the balance of power in Nicaragua.”

“You need to increase the largest number of political actors – not adding in everyone – and then enter a process of filtering key pieces. What this coalition is doing is integrating those who have the greatest legitimacy to participate in a genuine, democratic political process.”

“I think that at this time [the magnitude of the level of cornering Ortega feels] is minimal, because Ortega and Murillo have understood that they can have a fragmentation, division, and atomization control of these leaders, and that the coalition is eventually going to fragment.”

Cosmetic Electoral Reform

“The reality is this, and Daniel Ortega is also clear about it: if the Nicaraguan electorate shows its support for this political coalition, Ortega will know that his days are numbered, and he will try to assemble an exit strategy. If there is more repression within that exit strategy, it is possible [that there will be enough pressure for political reform].”

“My optimism is based on the fact that the possibilities are realistic. People already understand that they are in a prolonged conflict and, although they are not relegated to this. It is the day-to-day of living in a police system, with an economy that is not producing, that encourages people to place their hopes and their trust in an alternative. That impetus It will continue to grow. When the National Coalition emerges, the next step will be a convergence between public opinion and Nicaraguan leaders.”

Read the full interview here or watch the full interview in Confidencial.

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