Member in the News: Roberto Teixeira da Costa

Photo of Roberto Teixeira O Globo

Roberto Teixeira da Costa, member of the Inter-American Dialogue Board of Directors as well as former president and founder of the Arbitrage Chamber of the São Paulo Stock Market and founding chair of the Brazilian Securities Commission (CBM) has written a new book titled "Crises financeiras: Brasil e mundo (1929-2023)." 

His new book examines the economic causes and implications of the major financial crises of the last century, with a focus on Brazil. Teixeira da Costa argues that although hemisphere has learned lessons from these crises, new and often similar crises continue to arise. The book will be released on August 31, 2023.

Roberto Teixeira da Costa is a member of the Inter-American Dialogue and a member of the Inter-American Dialogue Board of Directors.


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