Member in the News: Sylvia Escovar

Photograph of Sylvia Escovar Photo Courtesy of Sylvia Escovar

Sylvia Escovar has been chosen to lead as the new strategic president of EPS Sanitas Comprehensive Health Group, a company that offers health care services and economic benefits to its members.

In response to her new role, Escovar said, "I take on this new challenge with conviction in serving Colombia from a fascinating sector and from one of the companies most loved by Colombians, which focuses its promise of value on people's health care and well-being."

Before assuming the position of strategic presidency of EPS Sanitas, Escovar was president of Organización Terpel and worked at the World Bank, the Central Bank of Colombia, and the National Department of Planning. She also served as deputy secretary of education and deputy secretary of finance for the Bogota municipal government.

Sylvia Escovar is a Member of the Inter-American Dialogue. She sits on the Dialogue’s Board of Directors.

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