Member in the News: Susana Malcorra

In pursuit of what matters: passion for the bottom line

Susana Malcorra, dean of the School of Public and Global Affairs at IE University, has published a new book titled In Pursuit of What Matters: Passion for the Bottom Line. Malcorra is the former minister of foreign affairs and worship for Argentina, and she has over 25 years of experience in the business and technology sectors.

In her new book, Malcorra discusses importance of leadership in the face of major decisions and the need for more female leaders in all spheres. Through her life experiences, she sheds light on “the complexity of decision-making processes, which always involve negotiations, and how leadership is crucial for achieving effective and stable solutions.” In Pursuit of What Matters aims to teach readers about the essential aspects of leadership, all which are “vital to those interested in conflict resolution and transformation, diplomacy, prevention and negotiation.”