Member in the News: Roberto Teixeira da Costa

Book cover of O Brasil tem Medo do Mundo? Ou mundo tem medo do Brasil?

Roberto Teixeira da Costa, president and founder of the Arbitrage Chamber of the São Paulo Market and founding chair of the Brazilian Securities Commission (CBM), has published an e-book titled O Brasil tem medo do mundo? Ou mundo tem medo do Brasil? or "Is Brazil afraid of the world? Or is the world afraid of Brazil?"

In the book, Teixeira da Costa discusses the "fear" of globalization in Brazil and how it's developing in the public and private sectors. He explains the growing culture of isolationism in Brazil - which began before the pandemic - and how it's been further reinforced after Covid-19. The author analyses how Brazil arrived at its current state, touching on the health and economic crises, the political onslaught, and international relations. 


Roberto Teixeira da Costa is a Member of the Inter-American Dialogue.

Purchase the book here (in Portuguese only).


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