Member in the News: Jacqueline Pitanguy

Feminismo no Brasil Front Cover Amazon, Branca Moreira Alves, Jacqueline Pitanguy

Jacqueline Pitanguy, executive director of CEPIA, a non-profit dedicated to promoting human and civil rights in Brazil, has recently published a book titled Feminismo no Brasil: Memórias de quem fez acontecer or "Feminism in Brazil: Memories of those who made it happen" alongside Branca Moreira Alves.

In their book, Pitanguy and Moreira Alves follow the history of the second wave of feminism in Brazil, shedding light on the battles fought and progress made by Brazilian women between the 1970s and 1990s. The authors tell the stories of 42 women who participated in the fight for gender equality in the country, a fight which culminated in the equality between women and men being enshrined in Brazil's 1988 constitution. The duo revisits many of the themes of their first co-authored book, O que é feminismo, published in 1981, tracing the path from the feminist movements of the 20th century to the state of Brazilian feminism today. 


Jacqueline Pitanguy is a Member of the Inter-American Dialogue.


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