Member in the News: Enrique García

Desenvolvimento e Cooperação na América Latina

Enrique García, economist and former president of the CAF - Development Bank of Latin America, has published a new book titled Development and Cooperation in Latin America: The Urgent Need for a Renewed Strategy. It is the seventh volume published in the José Bonifácio Chair collection at the University of São Paulo.

The book is a collection of case studies coordinated by García and a team of regional experts. It presents various analyses of these studies and their results to outline a strategy for development and regional cooperation in Latin America, considering the current geopolitical and economic situation. In the book, Latin American specialists discuss the main challenges in the region and examine potential solutions, such as development strategies that address social inclusion, equity and environmental development, renewed integration efforts, and regional cooperation and Ibero-American cooperation. 


Enrique García is a Member of the Inter-American Dialogue.



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