Inter-American Dialogue China Loan Data Featured in Foreign Policy

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In the March 31st edition of Foreign Policy's Latin America Brief, Latin American Brief author Catherine Osborn examined new trends in Chinese lending towards the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region during 2022. Osborn cited a new report from the Inter-American Dialogue's Asia and Latin America Program and the Boston University Global Development Policy Center.


"Chinese state banks are major lenders in Latin America and in developing countries around the world. But the details of Beijing's loans are notoriously opaque; understanding how they compare to loans from the World Bank or other bilateral lenders has often only been possible through detective work by researchers. 

Two studies released this week shed new light on how China has acted to bail out distressed borrowers globally and how its lending for development projects in Latin America in particular evolved in 2022...

Though Beijing's state banks have issued far fewer new loans for Latin American development projects since the pandemic began than they did before it, they in 2022 financed three projects for Brazil, Barbados, and Guyana, another new report from the Inter-American Dialogue and the Boston University Global Development Policy Center showed."



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