Fellow in the News: Julia Dias Leite

Julia Dias Leite

The Dialogue's senior non-resident fellow, Julia Dias Leite has been appointed as CEO of The Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI) becoming the first female CEO in the 22-year history of the institution. Dias Leite, 40, has extensive experience in managing institutions in the area of international relations. Currently, she also chairs the Board of Directors of Piemonte Holding.

As head of CEBRI's executive management for the last five years, she has brought recognized dynamism raising the institution to a new level of activities. In the last three months, she has implemented the digital platform CEBRI Online, which has already reached over 60,000 viewers with initiatives that bring together Brazilian and international personalities. Prior to CEBRI, she was Executive Secretary of the Brazil-China Business Council (CBBC).

Dias Leite is a senior non-resident fellow with the Asia & Latin America Program at the Inter-American Dialogue. 

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