Chinese Insurers Look Beyond Infrastructure Risk in Latin America

China Life Raysonho / Wikimedia / CC0

This article was produced by and originally published in Business Law Today.

For over a decade, Chinese insurers have supported Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) project development in Latin America, with state-run insurer Sinosure among the first to insure major Chinese infrastructure projects in and exports to Latin America. While Chinese companies remain focused on backing the BRI in the LATAM region, there is early indication of growing interest in life and other non-life insurance markets, as China’s insurance giants have begun to appreciate the market opportunity.

In 2007, China Life began providing insurance business services to companies in Latin America and to Chinese tourists visiting Latin America. Others, including People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC), began insuring employees of Chinese companies, and China Reinsurance Corporation (China Re) reinsured risks ceded by LATAM insurers.


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