Building Effective Teacher Policies

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This document is a call to move forward in the implementation of more effective teacher policies. It builds on the efforts that many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have already started developing. We do so by proposing ten policy guidelines that we consider essential for any teacher policy reform. This is the equivalent of setting the "limits of the court" and, in that way, contribute to a more productive national debate. Aware of the fact that there are no unique solutions, we do not lay out a unique plan of action, but rather provide a set of guidelines with examples of how they have been implemented in practice. At the same time, we emphasize the importance of continued experimentation and evaluation of the wide array of ongoing initiatives. 

Ariel Fiszbein is the Director of the Education Program and Belén Cumsille is a Program Associate at the Inter-American Dialogue. 

This document is only available in Spanish


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