Brazil: Country of the Present?

Skyline of Sao Paulo at night, Brazil Jose Luis Stephens / Adobe Stock / Enhanced License

On June 6, 2024, Dialogue member Roberto Teixeira da Costa presented his perspective of Brazil for the Embassy of Brazil in London.

“Most analysts and influencers, when looking at Brazil, put great emphasis on negative factors and challenges. We Brazilians have an extreme sense of criticism about ourselves,” wrote Teixeira da Costa.

“The famous Austrian author, Stefan Zweig (who died in Petrópolis in 1942),” Teixeira da Costa added, “who was considered one of the most famous writers in the world, sought exile in Brazil to escape from the Nazis. During his first trip, after participating in different events in our country, he wrote an essay called, ‘Brazil Country of the Future.’”

In this presentation, Teixeira da Costa presents Brazil as a country of the present.



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