Beyond the Headlines: Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit 2019

Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Lisa Viscidi spoke on the “Beyond the Headlines” panel at the 2019 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit in New York City. In a wide-ranging conversation about current events in energy, she commented on the shift in the US energy trade balance and its effects on foreign policy, Chinese financing for foreign energy projects, the importance of upgrading transmission lines for expanding renewable power generation, and how the Green New Deal attempts to reframe the discussion on climate change in the US.

[caption id="attachment_80422" align="alignleft" width="382"] Photo credit: Alvaro Villasante[/caption]

She also participated in a roundtable on opportunities for investment in Colombia (left) in which she compared Colombia’s recent renewable energy auction to others in Latin America and evaluated investment risks such as currency devaluation and local opposition to projects.




Watch the panel here


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