A Roundtable with Karen Longaric, Foreign Minister of Bolivia

Karen Longaric gives her remarks Photo Credit: Catharine Christie / Inter-American Dialogue

On January 24, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted a roundtable discussion with Karen Longaric, foreign minister of Bolivia, in partnership with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The discussion focused on the circumstances of the Bolivian transition, the aims of the transitional government, and the mechanisms in place for the presidential election in May.

Minister Longaric began her comments with a description of the events that prompted Jeanine Áñez, formerly the second vice president of the Senate, to assume the interim presidency, before summarizing the main objectives of the transitional government in Bolivia. The event concluded with questions from participants on issues such as how the interim government plans to ensure fair and inclusive elections in Bolivia, the role of Evo Morales, relations between Bolivia and the United States, and the inquiry by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights into the events surrounding last October’s elections.

This meeting was by invitation only.

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