A Foreign Policy Problem: Ten Facts About Migration to the US

Group of refugees standing in a barren landscape, wearing backpacks. Harsh lighting casts long shadows, symbolizing displacement and crisis. A diverse and resilient community, united in their journey Aidas / Adobe Stock / CC

The following presentation by Manuel Orozco, director of the Migration, Remittances, and Development program, identifies ten key facts that are important to understand the current debate over immigration to the US. The often referred to ‘migration crisis’ has several meanings or angles. There are key issues to consider that point out that the inflow of people to the Mexico-US border cannot be reduced into a debate over border migration policy. As an ‘intermestic’ issue, addressing migration requires a broader approach characterized by coordinating policy from a foreign policy and defense perspective. Containing people at the border without looking at the risk factors that led people to leave will not stop migration.

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