A Conversation with Luis Vicente León

Photo Credit: Irene Estefanía Gonzalez / Inter-American Dialogue

On July 24, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted an extended discussion in partnership with Freedom House with Luis Vicente León, president of Datanálisis, on the crisis in Venezuela. Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, moderated the discussion which focused on Venezuelans’ feelings about Guaidó and Maduro, four possible outcomes for the crisis, and what the military would likely demand to support Guaidó.

The conversation started by reviewing Datanálisis’s most recent polling in Venezuela, including Venezuelans’ sentiments on the crisis. The discussion later centered on divisions within the Maduro and Guaidó governments on current negotiations, and how the negotiations are likely to be fruitless without the inclusion of the military and Trump administration in current talks. The event concluded with a Q&A on issues like what the National Assembly might do when Guaidó’s term concludes in January.

This meeting was off the record and by invitation only.