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Toward Stronger India-Latin America Economic Relations?

Despite much talk of enhanced Indian engagement with the region over the past decade, India-Latin America ties remain relatively limited.

Margaret Myers, Steven Holmes

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event card Crisis in Haiti – Finding a Response to Violence and Political Turmoil Video

Crisis in Haiti – Finding a Response to Violence and Political Turmoil

As the political crisis in Haiti ensues with mounting social discontent and economic instability, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted a conversation on the current conditions in Haiti as well as approaches to securing peace and democratic governance in a country beset by turmoil. 

Noelle Whitman

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Regionalism and Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has once more demonstrated the fragility of Latin American regional and subregional organizations, and the reasons for it: the weaknesses of domestic institutions, the lack of shared interests and values, and the dependence on foreign powers. It is not too late to turn the pandemic into an opportunity to acknowledge the existence of common interests, and the value of pursuing them collectively.

Ana Covarrubias

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Trump y Bolsonaro, Venezuela, Caricom

En este episodio de Club de Prensa, Michael Shifter analizó la actualidad del hemisferio. Entre los temas que analizo estaban la reunión entre Trump y Bolsonaro, la reunión de Trump con el Caricom, las relaciones de China con America Latina, los rumores sobre la relección de AMLO y la Justicia Especial para la Paz.

Michael Shifter

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Is the Caribbean Community in Danger of Collapsing?

What are Caricom’s greatest achievements? Could closer integration benefit the region and, if so, what steps would have to be taken to achieve it?

Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, Norman Girvan, Richard L. Bernal, G. Philip Hughes, Paget deFreitas