Obama’s Best Week

Obama’s legacy in Latin America continues to be strengthened as US-Cuba relations move in a positive direction.

Michael Shifter

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Perspective from Cuba

The removal of Cuba from the list of states sponsoring terrorism has opened the way for the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Bruno Binetti

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Obama’s Solitude

The big question is whether Obama can regain the trust of the American people, especially his core constituency, including youth and Latinos, who have become disillusioned.

Michael Shifter

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What Does 2014 Hold for US-Latin America Relations?

To what extent will Obama seek to strengthen ties to the region? How much will Latin America want to work with the UUS?

Peter Hakim, Arturo Sarukhan, Riordan Roett, Rubens Barbosa, Julia Buxton

Which Mexico for Obama?

When President Obama meets this week with President Peña Nieto, he will be visiting a country that was much maligned throughout his first term.

Peter Hakim

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A Big Step for Reform

Everyone recognized that the immigration system was a mess and needed to be fixed, but the politics were too polarized and complicated for any serious progress to be made.

Michael Shifter

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What Will Obama’s Second Term Mean for Latin America?

Barack Obama was re-elected president of the United States on Tuesday. What is his vision for foreign policy and how does Latin America fit into his plans?

Andrés Rozental, Peter Hakim, Ruben Olmos, Riordan Roett, Rubens Barbosa

The United States’ Time in Afghanistan is Over

The US has entered the second decade of the longest war in its history. The nation is weary and, polls show, eager to bring the troops home.

Michael Shifter

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A Year with a High Dose of Elections

In 2012, three presidential elections – in Mexico, Venezuela, and the United States – could alter the political map and relations in the Americas.

Michael Shifter

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