The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a restructuring of health services in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to a report by ECLAC and PAHO. The San Juan de Dios hospital in Santiago is pictured. // File Photo: Carlos Figueroa via Creative Commons.

How Has Covid-19 Forced Health Care to Restructure?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on how Covid-19 has affected the structure of health care in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Katherine E. Bliss, Jarbas Barbosa, Antonio Vergara, Ricardo Izurieta

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Time to Engage: Mobilizing the Private Sector for Health Emergencies Response and Recovery in the Americas

The Western Hemisphere has been deeply affected by the Covid-19 crisis, which has countless consequences, but also offers the opportunity to develop more robust health systems. Mobilizing resources on a larger scale than previously expected from public and private sources will foster long-term sustainability and resilience of health systems, especially in the face of a health crisis.

Ethan Knecht

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Deepening Cooperation and Coordination on Health Policy in the Americas

On June 28, 2021, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted the online event “Deepening Cooperation on Health Policy in the Americas.” The panel discussed a new report published by the Inter-American Health Task Force, which analyzed the response to Covid-19 in the Western Hemisphere and identified recommendations to improve cooperation and coordination in health policies across the Americas.

Dylan Gervasio

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Deepening Cooperation and Coordination on Health Policy in the Americas Report Cover

Deepening Cooperation and Coordination on Health Policy in the Americas

The Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare fundamental weaknesses in political leadership, coordination, and health policy integration in the Western Hemisphere. The current geopolitical divides undermined the few mechanisms that were in place for effective cooperation on health governance. This white paper presented by the Inter-American Health Task Force, aims to understand better the lessons and challenges of the regional response to Covid-19 and appraise, in retrospect, how they were addressed and how they could have been addressed. The paper also makes specific recommendations. These recommendations are grouped into five areas geared toward improving cooperation and coordination in health policy to support regional Covid-19 response and recovery, as well as future health emergencies.

Inter-American Health Task Force

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Will Patent Waivers Make Covid Vaccines More Accessible?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A on Biden’s decision to support waiving patents for Covid-19 vaccines and its implications for Latin America.

Rolf Hoenger, Andrew Rudman, James Fitzgerald, Núria Homedes, Brian Toohey, Jaci McDole

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La oportunidad del siglo

Member in the News: Luis Miguel Castilla

Luis Miguel Castilla, former minister of finance and economy of Peru, has published a new book titled “La oportunidad del siglo: Reformas económicas para un país más próspero y justo,” or “The opportunity of the century: Economic reforms for a more prosperous and just country.”

Luis Miguel Castilla

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