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CMWG: Members of Congress Discuss Challenges Facing Afro-Descendants in Latin America

The Inter-American Dialogue’s Congressional Members Working Group met on April 9, 2008 to discuss challenges facing Afro-descendants in Latin America. The event featured Sir Clare Roberts of the Inter-American Commission, Dr. Marcelo Paixão of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and Ambassador Antonio Patriota of Brazil. It was co-hosted by Representatives Gregory Meeks (D-NY) and Jerry Weller (R-IL) and co-sponsored by the Inter-American Foundation.

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Race and Poverty: Interagency Consultation on Afro–Latin Americans

The papers in this volume were prepared for a conference sponsored by the World Bank, InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB), and Inter-American Dialogue. The one-day meeting, held at the World Bank on June 19, 2000, brought together prominent leaders and analysts of Afro-Latin American communities to discuss the legal, political, and socioeconomic issues confronting these populations, and review various national and local experiences in addressing those issues.

Peter Hakim, Inter-American Dialogue, Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank

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