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What Challenges Will Face the World Bank’s Next Leader?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views on Ajay Banga’s nomination to succeed David Malpass as president of the World Bank.

Alicia Bárcena, Isabel de Saint Malo, Riordan Roett, Tobías Belgrano

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The Cost of Crime in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Dialogue, together with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), hosted an event on March 2nd to launch the study “The Cost of Crime in Latin America and the Caribbean” with Nathalie Alvarado, Principal Specialist in Citizen Security at the IDB; Laura Jaitman, Citizen Security Specialist at the IDB; Angela Me, Chief of the Research and Trend Analysis Brand at the UNODC; Desmond Arias, Associate Professor at Georgetown University; and Michael Shifter, President of the Dialogue.

Laura Campiglia de Méndez

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Central American Economies in 2015

One of the greatest challenges that the Central American region faces is ensuring that economic development is sustainable and equitable.

Manuel Orozco, Julia Yansura

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Remittances & Financial Inclusion

Remittances can build prosperity, rather than simply sustain survival, in communities throughout Central America.

Manuel Orozco, Julia Yansura

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Migration and Development in Central America: Perceptions, Policies, and Further Opportunities

The Inter-American Dialogue is pleased to publish this working paper by Manuel Orozco, director of our program on Migration, Remittances, and Development, and Julia Yansura, program associate at the Dialogue. Our aim is to stimulate a broad and well-informed public debate on complex issues facing analysts, decision makers, and citizens…

Manuel Orozco, Julia Yansura

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Afro-Colombian Woman

CMWG: Members of Congress Discuss Challenges Facing Afro-Colombians

The Inter-American Dialogue’s Congressional Members Working Group met on September 17, 2008 to discuss the challenges facing Afro-Colombians. The discussion focused on the main challenges that Afro-Colombians face and how these could be addressed.

Megan Fletcher, Carolina Pozo

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Haiti: Real Progress, Real Fragility

Haiti: Real Progress, Real Fragility

Haitian President René Préval says that his country no longer deserves its “failed state” stigma, and he is right. Haiti’s recent progress is real and profound, but it is jeopardized by continued institutional dysfunction, including the government’s inexperience in working with Parliament.

Peter Hakim, Joe Clark, Daniel P. Erikson, Peter D. Bell, Carlo Dade

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