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How Is the Opioid Crisis Affecting U.S.-Mexico Ties?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views on the rising political tension between the United States and Mexico over the fentanyl crisis.

Arturo Sarukhan, Vanda Felbab-Brown, Stephanie Brewer, Earl Anthony Wayne, Gary J. Hale, Arantza Alonso

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Member in the News: Rafael Pardo

Rafael Pardo, Member of the Dialogue & former minister of defense of Colombia, has published a new book titled La guerra sin fin: Una nueva visión sobre la lucha contra las drogas, or “The War with No End: A New Vision for the Fight against Drugs.”

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Mexico’s Supreme Court in November overturned a law that formalized the use of troops to fight gangs. // File Photo: Mexican Government.

Should Mexican Troops Keep Fighting Cartels?

Is López Obrador’s plan to form a National Guard to combat organized crime a good idea?

Monica de Bolle, Gonzalo Escribano, Amanda Mattingly, Raúl Benítez Manaut

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Can Central America Break the Cycle of Drugs, Corruption and Gang War?

The roots of Central America’s challenges run deep, and the Trump Administration’s policies seem unlikely to help Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras make significant progress.

Michael Shifter, Ben Raderstorf, Kaitlin Lavinder

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Where Is the Drug Policy Debate Headed?

How will measures in Colorado and Washington affect the federal government’s relationship with Mexico in the ongoing fight against drug cartels?

Andrés Rozental, Peter Hakim, Ray Walser

Drugs: The Debate Goes Mainstream

What is the best way to deal with drugs? Criminalizing drug users or treating them as patients?

Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Ernesto Zedillo, César Gaviria

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The Right Place for a Drug Policy Debate

Among Latin Americas, there is a growing consensus that the root cause of their violent crime wave is the massive use of narcotics in the US.

Peter Hakim

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Is the Drug War Over?

The Obama administration, though not as progressive as many had hoped, has taken important steps in the right direction.

Kim Covington

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Has the United States Failed to Adequately Fight Illegal Drugs?

Is growing violence in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America a sign of failures in drug policy? Has the Obama administration made any significant change in anti-drug efforts? What policies should it be pursuing?

Andrés Rozental, Barry R. McCaffrey, Sanho Tree

Rethinking US Drug Policy

US citizens today are clearly unhappy with their government’s anti-drug policies.

Peter Hakim

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