Chile’s Economy & Challenges for Future Growth

CGTN’s Rachelle Akuffo spoke to Peter Hakim, president emeritus and senior fellow at Inter-American Dialogue. They discussed the challenges facing Chile’s economy and what prospects it has for the foreseeable future.

Peter Hakim, Rachelle Akuffo

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Protests Rage Across Latin America

Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, spoke with Ian Masters of Background Briefing to discuss recent unrest in South America. The two discussed inequality and social immobility as underlying causes of unrest in the region, the case of Venezuela, and the political class’ inability to react.

Michael Shifter, Ian Masters

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Piñera’s Election Victory in Chile

Chile looked to the past to pick its future leader. Former President Sebastian Pinera is the projected winner of a presidential runoff election. With nearly all the votes counted, his challenger Alejandro Guillier conceded and congratulated the conservative billionaire on his victory. Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, discusses with CGTN’s Susan Roberts.

Michael Shifter, Susan Roberts

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Jóvenes y redes sociales, protagonistas de las protestas de 2019 en Latinoamérica

Michael Shifter, presidente del centro de análisis Diálogo Interamericano en entrevista con La FM aseguró que el panorama para este 2020 es impredecible debido a que las causas de las protestas del año pasado pueden seguir inestables, tal es el caso de la economía de la región. 

Michael Shifter

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Piñera’s Second Term

On February 15, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted an event titled “Piñera’s Second Term” to discuss the implications and challenges of president-elect Piñera’s second term. This event was moderated by Michael Shifter with speakers Robert Funk (Universidad de Chile), Gabrielle Trebat (McLarty Associates), and Sergio Urzua (University of Maryland). The speakers discussed the social, political, and economic implications of Piñera’s victory and forthcoming challenges.

Martín Rodriguez Nuñez

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A photo of empty streets in Santiago, Chile. // Photo: Municipality of Santiago.

Has Covid Halted Momentum for Change in Chile?

Has the coronavirus pandemic interrupted protesters’ momentum and hopes for social change in Chile?

Patricio D. Navia, María Cristina Escudero, Claudia Heiss, Guillermo Holzmann

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Protesters in Chile have long aired grievances over the country’s pension system. President Sebastián Piñera proposed reforms earlier this year, and now a group of senators wants to nationalize the system. // File Photo: CONSTRAMET.

Should Chile’s Pension System Be Nationalized?

Should Chile’s pension system be nationalized, and how would such a move affect current and future retirees?

Fernando Larraín, Olivia Mitchell, Sergio Urzua, Alfonso de Urresti, Kathleen Barclay, Peter Winn

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Shifter: “Muchos chilenos están enojados porque el modelo no los ha beneficiado”

A juicio del presidente del Diálogo Interamericano, el Presidente Piñera se precipitó al sacar al Ejército a las calles y aquello pudo contribuir a la violencia. Además, plantea que el estallido social es una prueba para los dirigentes políticos “de todas las ideologías”.

Michael Shifter, Alejandro Tapia

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