The Chaos in Venezuela

On December 6, 2019, Michael Shifter, President of the Inter-American Dialogue joined the World Affairs Council of Hilton Head to discuss the current situation in Venezuela. Shifter remarked on the events in Venezuela that led up to the Chávez and Maduro’s governments, the economic and humanitarian crisis that is ongoing in the country, the complexities of US policy options going forward.

Michael Shifter

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Making Chávez Possible

Michael Shifter reviews a volume looking at Venezuela prior to its most famous president.

Michael Shifter

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A Year with a High Dose of Elections

In 2012, three presidential elections – in Mexico, Venezuela, and the United States – could alter the political map and relations in the Americas.

Michael Shifter

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Colombia Looks Past Washington

While Santos is familiar with Chávez’s unpredictability and knows as well as anyone where the FARC rebels are and what they are up to, he also knows the economic stakes for Colombia.

Michael Shifter

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Santos: A Different Gamble with Chavez?

On August 7, an important chapter in Colombian-Venezuelan relations that has coincided with the presidencies of Alvaro Uribe and Hugo Chavez will come to an end. These last eight years have been a rollercoaster, with moments of great tension but also occasional pragmatism.

Michael Shifter

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Cuba, Venezuela & the Americas: A Changing Landscape

Wide ranging analysis of the bilateral relationship between Cuba and Venezuela, examining the domestic political implications for both countries, the impact on hemispheric affairs, and the significance for U.S. policy in Latin America.

Damian Fernandez

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