Venezuelan refugees in Bogotá are pictured selling crafts made of virtually worthless Venezuelan currency.

Does Inflation Risk Threaten Recovery in Latin America?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on the impact of inflation on Latin America’s economic recovery post-pandemic.

Alfredo Coutiño, Daniel M. Schydlowsky, Allison Fedirka, Gary Hufbauer

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Peter Hakim

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China and Latin America: Relations Under Strain?

While some concerns have been expressed about the expanding Chinese footprint across the region, most serious analysts and government authorities view the deepening economic relationship as a largely positive development for both China and Latin America.

Peter Hakim

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Economic Status & Remittance Behavior

Although migrants have experienced a modest improvement since the recession, one in three remain in a “vulnerable” financial position.

Manuel Orozco, Mariellen Jewers

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