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Elliot Abrams’ Appointment and the Seizure of Tankers From Iran to Venezuela

Michael Shifter was a featured guest on the podcast Background Briefing with Ian Masters where he spoke about current events affecting Venezuela. The conversation focused on Elliot Abrams’ recent appointment to special envoy for both Venezuela and Iran as well as the United States’ seizure of Iranian tankers headed to Venezuela.

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Failed Coup Adds to Venezuela’s Troubles

Host Brian Hanson interviews Michael Camilleri on the recent attempted coup in Venezuela and implications for both Maduro’s hold on power and US policy on The Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ podcast, Deep Dish.

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Pandemic and Politics in Venezuela Video

Pandemic and Politics in Venezuela

On April 2, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted Pandemic and Politics in Venezuela, a conference call with Miguel Pizarro, Venezuelan National Assembly member and Commissioner of the Guaidó government for the United Nations, Feliciano Reyna, Founder and Executive President of Acción Solidaria, and Daniella Liendo, Founder of Primeros Auxilios Universidad Central de Venezuela (Green Cross).

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Shifter: “Guaidó is the leader that we have not seen from the opposition in the last 20 years”

Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, participated on CGTN’s World Insight where he discussed topics such as the international community’s approach to the Venezuelan crisis, the difference between the US’ approach to Venezuela and its approach to other transitions, and the risks of the Trump administration’s tough rhetoric towards Venezuelan officials.

Michael Shifter

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Shifter: “Trump Conflates Chaos in Venezuela with Socialism in America”

Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, was interviewed for Background Briefing with Ian Masters, where he discussed topics such as the repercussions of the crisis in Venezuela for American politics, the role of the United States in fostering a democratic transition in Venezuela, and possible outcomes for the crisis. …

Michael Shifter

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