Point-based Immigration Doesn’t Add Up

While merit-based immigration systems do have some benefits, policy-dictated quotas do not consider gaps in labor market or fiscal benefits.

Manuel Orozco, Julia Blocher

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Migration From Latin America and the Caribbean to the United States: Policy Options

Migration from Latin America and the Caribbean to the United States has grown steadily over the past forty years. In addition to leaving their countries amidst political and economic hardship, the vast majority of these migrants face additional challenges to their legal status. One way to look for solutions is to consider a comprehensive approach to migration through recruitment, retention, return, relief and reform.

Manuel Orozco

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Should Money Transmitters Verify Migration Status?

A bill pending in the US Congress would require money transmitters to verify their customers’ immigration status. Is this measure good policy?

Earl Jarrett, Dan Stein, David Landsman, Kai Schmitz

Immigration Policy: What’s Next?

Obama has acted decisively to push through immigration reforms but the scope of his efforts remain unclear.

Marielle Coutrix

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A Big Step for Reform

Everyone recognized that the immigration system was a mess and needed to be fixed, but the politics were too polarized and complicated for any serious progress to be made.

Michael Shifter

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A Conversation with Bill Richardson

As the global financial crisis continues to alter US relations with the hemisphere, greater engagement in the region remains critical to US interests.

Rachel Schwartz

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