Latin America: The Political Outlook

What is the political outlook in Latin America?  Will Brazil’s Congress continue to govern independent of the erratic, but somewhat business-friendly President Jair Bolsonaro? Will Mexico’s nationalist-leftist president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (popularly known as AMLO) try to extend his power? Will Argentina’s new president Alberto Fernandez govern independently of his vice president Cristina Kirchner? Will Colombia become a new Chile in terms of riots? What will happen in Chile this year? And will Peru be able to return to political stability? Michael Shifter discussed in this interview with Latinvex.

Michael Shifter, Christopher Sabatini , Joachim Bamrud

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Separaciones en la frontera y la política migratoria de Donald Trump

En este episodio de Club de Prensa Michael Shifter debate el impacto de las políticas migratorias de la administración Trump, en particular, las recientes protestas en contra de la separación y el encarcelamiento de menores, y lo que esto significa para la política estadounidense.

Michael Shifter

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Who Has the Edge in Colombia’s Presidential Race?

What issues are shaping Colombia’s presidential race ahead of the May 27 vote, and how have the top candidates gotten where they are today? What factors will decide the election’s outcome? Would any of the front-runners pursue radically different policies from the current administration of centrist President Juan Manuel Santos?

Maria Velez de Berliner, Alberto J. Bernal, Adam Isacson, Juan David Escobar Valencia

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Daniel Pacheco y Michael Shifter Video

Elecciones en EEUU y la relación con Colombia

Michael Shifter participó en el programa “Zona Franca” del Canal REDMÁS de Colombia donde comentó con Daniel Pacheco acerca de la visita del Secretario de Estado Pompeo a Colombia, la relación entre Donald Trump e Iván Duque y las próximas elecciones en Estados Unidos.

Michael Shifter, Daniel Pacheco

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Duque Campaign

Will Colombia’s New President Deliver on His Promises?

Iván Duque, a conservative former senator, on Sunday won Colombia’s presidential runoff election. What does it mean for the country?

Beatrice Rangel, Maria Velez de Berliner, Oscar Ardila, Peter DeShazo, Sergio Guzmán

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Violent protests erupted this month in Colombia after a civilian died in police custody. An overturned police car at a protest in Bogotá is pictured above. // File Photo: @petrogustavo via Twitter.

Will Protesters Keep Taking to the Streets in Colombia?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ viewpoints on the motivations behind and implications of recent protests in Colombia.

Fernando Cepeda, Arlene B. Tickner, Sergio Guzmán, Elizabeth Dickinson, Andrea Saldarriaga Jiménez

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Duque’s Peace? Colombia’s New President and the Future of the Peace Process

On June 28, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted an event titled “Duque’s Peace? Colombia’s New President and the Future of the Peace Process” featuring photos from the series “Peace Football Club” by the World Press Photo Exhibition. The speakers discussed the implications of Ivan Duque’s election on the future of the country’s peace process.

Anna Egas

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A Conversation with Iván Duque Márquez

On March 22, the Inter-American Dialogue was pleased to host the Colombian presidential candidate, Iván Duque Márquez, for an open conversation on the pressing issues surrounding the elections. Among other topics, the candidate for the Centro Democrático party discussed his plans to advance national unity, jump-start economic growth, tackle corruption and handle the implementation of the peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Juliana Urrego

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Moderator: Michael Camilleri, Opening Remarks: Renata Segura, Speakers (Right to Left): Elizabeth Dickenson, Juan Fernando Cristo, Paul Angelo, and Adriana Mejía Hernández. Image of Colombian protestors walking on a street. Video

Waiting for Peace: Violence Against Social Leaders in Colombia

On October 21, 2020, the Dialogue along with the International Crisis Group (ICG) hosted “Waiting for Peace: Violence Against Social Leaders in Colombia”. Panelists debated the findings of the ICG’s new report “Leaders Under Fire: Defending Colombia’s Front Line of Peace” and engaged in a discussion on the current rise in violence against social leaders and the implementation of the 2016 peace agreement.

Azul Hidalgo Solá

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Shifter: Maduro “está jugando con fuego” al acusar a Colombia de intentar matarlo

Cuando el presidente venezolano, Nicolás Maduro, señaló a su par colombiano, Juan Manuel Santos, en el supuesto intento de asesinarlo el sábado, la ya desgastada relación entre sus países entró en una nueva fase imprevisible. Michael Shifter sostiene que Duque deberá ensayar un equilibrio difícil para evitar una escalada peligrosa de tensiones con Caracas.

Michael Shifter

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