A Foreign Policy Full of Challenges

The new Colombian government outlined an ambitious domestic agenda that calls for jumpstarting the economy, consolidating the peace, and promoting social justice. The success of this agenda will depend on many factors, among them how Ivan Duque manages the many foreign policy challenges he will face in a world marked by great uncertainty.  

Michael Shifter

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Duque Campaign

Will Colombia’s New President Deliver on His Promises?

Iván Duque, a conservative former senator, on Sunday won Colombia’s presidential runoff election. What does it mean for the country?

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Colombia Elects Conservative Candidate Ivan Duque to Be Next President

Millions of Colombians voted in a presidential election run-off on Sunday. The winner is Ivan Duque a 41-year-old conservative. And, after a divisive campaign between left and right, he has vowed to unite his country. To discuss the path forward for Colombia, Anand Naidoo, host of CGTN’s The Heat, spoke with Bernardo Perez Salazar, Juan Carlos Hidalgo, Gustau Alegret, and Michael Shifter.

Michael Shifter

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Los retos internacionales para el nuevo presidente

Después de ocho años de Juan Manuel Santos, Iván Duque, del Centro Democrático, tendrá la oportunidad de redefinir las relaciones con la comunidad internacional. El Espectador conversó con expertos de diez países y les preguntó sobre el futuro de la diplomacia entre sus naciones y Colombia. Michael Shifter comenta sobre la relación con Estados Unidos.

Michael Shifter

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Colombia’s Choice: Duque vs Petro

On June 7, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted an event titled “Colombia’s Choice: Duque vs Petro”. The conversation analyzed the results of the first round of the election which propelled Iván Duque of the Centro Democrático party and Gustavo Petro of Colombia Humana into the second round of the presidential race. Participants also discussed what to expect on and after the second round of the presidential race.

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Will Colombia Make Peace With Its Peace Deal?

As the first Colombian election after the historic signing of the peace deal approaches, the good news is that the conflict has blessedly ended, but the implementation of the accord has been complicated and contentious. It does not help that the political establishment stands fractured and discredited. The risk is that the country’s unsettled politics could upend the peace.

Michael Shifter

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Who Has the Edge in Colombia’s Presidential Race?

What issues are shaping Colombia’s presidential race ahead of the May 27 vote, and how have the top candidates gotten where they are today? What factors will decide the election’s outcome? Would any of the front-runners pursue radically different policies from the current administration of centrist President Juan Manuel Santos?

Maria Velez de Berliner, Alberto J. Bernal, Adam Isacson, Juan David Escobar Valencia

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