What Will Abinader Do in His Second Term in the DR?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views on the election in the Dominican Republic.

Bernardo Vega, Luis Fortuño, Rosario Espinal, Mary Fernández Rodríguez, G. Philip Hughes, Beatrice Rangel

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India’s Approach to Engagement with the Latin American Region

Margaret Myers and Steven Holmes discuss developing trends in the India-LAC dynamic, including India’s appetite for crafting a regional foreign policy for Latin America and potential increased commercial competition with China in the region.

Margaret Myers, Steven Holmes, Mahendra Gaur

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Haiti Policy: Stumbling Toward 2023

Diagnosis of the crisis has been easy—but what key actors in Haiti and its international partners can agree on what to do about has remained muddled.

Georges Fauriol

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Julissa Reynoso

Member in the News: Julissa Reynoso

Julissa Reynoso, partner at the law firm Winston & Strawn, is set to become the chief of staff for the future First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, when President-elect Joe Biden assumes office on January 20, 2021.

Julissa Reynoso

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Luis Abinader won a first-round victory in Sunday’s presidential election in the Dominican Republic, putting an end to 16 years of rule by the Dominican Liberation Party. // File Photo: Abinader Campaign.

Are Big Changes in Store for the DR Under Abinader?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ takes on Luis Abinader winning the Dominican Republic’s 2020 presidential elections.

Wally Brewster, Ernesto Sagás, Mary Fernández Rodríguez

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Is the Dominican Republic’s Pivot to China Paying Off?

The Dominican Republic’s president, Danilo Medina, in late March met with Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua in Santo Domingo, where they agreed on new economic cooperation accords and followed up on agreements that the two countries made last year. How much have ties with China paid off for the Dominican Republic?

Margaret Myers, Ricardo Barrios, G. Philip Hughes, Mary Fernández Rodríguez

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Decentralization for Educational Quality

The education law and the various decennial and operation plans of education have specifically presented a policy of education participation, where the community, families and organizations non-governmental are stimulated to integrate in the development of education programs and projects.

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Report Card on Education

The need to achieve significant improvements in education has been a matter of concern for the Dominican society along the last two decades. This interest grew with the implementation of the Ten-Year Education Plan in the early 90s, a joint initiative with civil societies, the government and international organizations against…

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