CAF Conference - Session V

Bolstering Democratic Governance Through Foreign Policy

Dr. Rebecca Bill Chavez, president and CEO of the Inter-American Dialogue and Antonia Urrejola, former foreign minister of Chile came together for an exchange titled, “Bolstering Democratic Governance Through Foreign Policy.”

Anastasia Chacón González

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Photo of Indian foreign minister and Panamanian president.

What Can Stronger Ties Mean for India & Latin America?

A Latin America Advisor Q&A featuring experts’ views on Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar’s visit to Latin America in April.

Hari Seshasayee, Jorge Heine, Devika Misra

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Xi Jinping at BRICS Summit

China’s Quiet Play for Latin America

China will keep winning friends from Chile to Mexico, regardless of a forthcoming shift in US policy toward the region.

Margaret Myers

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America in the World

Member in the News: Robert Zoellick

Robert Zoellick, former deputy of secretary of state and former president of the World Bank, has published a new book titled America in the World: A History of US Diplomacy and Foreign Policy.

Robert Zoellick

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Tom Shannon

Member in the News: Tom Shannon

On July 28, Ambassador Tom Shannon, former under secretary of state for political affairs, participated in a virtual briefing organized by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) to discuss a new report by SFRC Democratic Staff. The report is titled Diplomacy in Crisis: The Trump Administration’s Decimation of the State Department.

Thomas A. Shannon, Jr.

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Peter Hakim Video

Biden or Trump – What Changes for Brazil?

In an interview with The Brazilian Report, Peter Hakim, Dialogue president emeritus, discussed what Biden’s diplomatic approach would look like in Latin America. In particular, Hakim addressed immigration, the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, and the United States’ relationship with Brazil.

Peter Hakim

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Rusia y su interés en OPEP

La directora del Programa de Energía Lisa Viscidi habló con NTN24 sobre por qué a Rusia le interesa formar parte de la OPEP (Organización de Países Exportadores de Petróleo) a pesar de los problemas que esto supone para el país. 

Lisa Viscidi

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Los primeros 100 días de Donald Trump y su relación con América Latina

De cara al cumplimiento de los primeros 100 días en el poder de Donald Trump, Michael Shifter se refirió en entrevista con NTN24 a la postura de la administración del presidente estadounidense con Venezuela hacia el futuro próximo y aseguró que considera que se pueden esperar más sanciones para quienes están acusados de violaciones de Derechos Humanos y corrupción, “va a haber más y más duras”, señaló.

Michael Shifter

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Private Conversation with Cuba Posible

On Friday, March 3rd, the Dialogue welcomed Director and Deputy Director of Cuba Posible, Roberto Veiga and Lenier Gonzalez, and a small group of Latin America policy experts for a discussion on social and political trends in Cuba. The discussion focused on upcoming leadership dynamics in Cuba and the role of young people in the future of the island.

Danielle Edmonds

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Untangling the Future of NAFTA

On March 6th, The Dialogue hosted an open discussion on the future of NAFTA and the global impacts of its potential reform or repeal. Along with substantial political uncertainty about the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), there is also widespread confusion about the various options and scenarios for reform within the complicated architecture of the multilateral trading system. Many of the possible outcomes would have grave implications—not only for the economies of Mexico, the US, and Canada, but also for other major trading partners.

Danielle Edmonds

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Trump and Latin American Energy: The Costs of Cutting Ties

Cuts to Washington’s energy engagement could undermine the connections that help support U.S.–Latin American cooperation on issues from security to immigration. When it comes to weakening energy integration in the Americas, there are few winners.

Lisa Viscidi, Rebecca O’Connor

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