Colombia’s Peace Process and Brazil’s Corruption Battle

Following Santos lead, the Michel Temer government would first have to test whether Brazil’s legislative leaders are willing to conduct serious negotiations, and prepared to make concessions that could be effective in curbing the country’s pervasive corruption—or at least offer a better solution than the current case-by-case approach of criminal investigations and trials.

Peter Hakim

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Colombia Advances toward Electric Transportation

Electric transportation is a critical part of a clean transport agenda that can put Colombia on a path toward improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Lisa Viscidi

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Colombia’s Last Chance for Peace

Will the government’s new agreement to deescalate bring renewed faith — or just more skepticism?

Michael Shifter

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New Colombian peace deal

More than five decades of war appears to be over as the Colombian Congress ratifies a new peace deal with FARC rebels. The new deal includes 50 changes to an initial one narrowly rejected by voters in October. Michael Shifter analyzes.

Michael Shifter

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Corrupción en Latinoamérica y Colombia ‘País del Año’

En este programa de Club de Prensa, Michael Shifter y otros expertos debaten temas como la corrupción en América Latina, en particular en Brazil, o el anuncio por ‘The Economist’ de Colombia como ‘País del Año’

Michael Shifter

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Uribe y Santos

Santos Must Face Down Uribe

Uribe, a key figure in Colombian politics, continues to influence people’s perceptions on the peace process.

Michael Shifter

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A Conversation with Simón Gaviria

With no time to lose, Colombia’s newly appointed Director of National Planning has gotten to work on an ambitious agenda.

Ilona de Zamaroczy

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Santos’ Second Term: What to Expect?

Santos enters his second term hoping to finalize negotiations with the FARC and ELN to end the country’s 50 year-long conflict.

Amanda Mitchell

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Colombia celebrates peace, and deserves it

The agreement signed yesterday by the government and the FARC is one of the few pieces of good news in a tumultuous world. It is a historic achievement for Colombia, one that should be celebrated and recognized for putting to end to an armed conflict that has plagued the country for more than half a century.

Michael Shifter

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What is the Outlook for Colombia’s Oil Sector?

What is the outlook for Ecopetrol and the Colombian oil sector in the short to medium term?

Alicia Puyana, Daniel E. Velandia O., Joydeep Mukherji, Luis E. Giusti, Rodrigo Villamizar

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Santos: A Different Gamble with Chavez?

On August 7, an important chapter in Colombian-Venezuelan relations that has coincided with the presidencies of Alvaro Uribe and Hugo Chavez will come to an end. These last eight years have been a rollercoaster, with moments of great tension but also occasional pragmatism.

Michael Shifter

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