Reviving Venezuela’s Oil Sector: The Role of Western Oil Majors

With Venezuela’s state oil company in disarray, international oil companies will be the key to tapping the country’s oil resources. The Inter-American Dialogue interviewed eight large Western oil companies about the conditions that will determine how rapidly, and to what degree, they start or ramp up operations in Venezuela following a political transition.

Lisa Viscidi, Nate Graham

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Private Roundtable with Ricardo Luna

The Inter-American Dialogue hosted a private roundtable event featuring Ricardo Luna, the Peruvian Minister of Foreign Relations. The discussion highlighted the Minister’s position on the best way for the international community to handle the crisis in Venezuela and how to confront infrastructural-based corruption throughout Latin America. Minister Luna also addressed some of the upcoming plans his government has in its preparation to host the eighth Summit of the Americas next March in Lima.

Alex Sadler

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Crises in Venezuela & the Path Forward for Colombia

Host Ray Offenheiser and guest Michael Shifter, the president of Inter-American Dialogue, discuss the economic and political crises in Venezuela, as well as the upcoming elections and path forward for peace in Colombia.

Michael Shifter, Ray Offenheiser

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Can Western companies save Venezuela’s oil sector? Do they want to?

Lisa Viscidi and Nate Graham spoke with S&P Global Platts about the findings of a new report which argues that Western oil companies will be needed to revive Venezuela’s oil sector. They discuss the obstacles that could affect whether these firms increase production in the country under a new government, including US sanctions uncertainty, high taxes, and a shortage of workers and working infrastructure.

Lisa Viscidi, Nate Graham, Brian Scheid, Meghan Gordon

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Ataque a la Asamblea Nacional, Corea del Norte, Trump y el G20

El ataque a la Asamblea Nacional en Venezuela, tensiones diplomáticas con Corea del Norte, y la reunión del G20 en Hamburgo – temas de discusión en este programa de Club de Prensa. Presentado por Juan Carlos Iragorri, con la participación de Xavier Vilà, periodista y analista catalán; José López Zamorano, corresponsal jefe de ‘Notimex’ – México; Michael Shifter, presidente del Diálogo Interamericano.

Michael Shifter, Juan Carlos Iragorri

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Maduro // File Photo: Venezuelan Government.

What Will Result From Venezuela’s Drone Explosions?

Venezuela’s government has made several arrests in what they say was an attempt to assassinate Maduro. What does it all mean?

Evan Ellis, Eva Golinger, Gustavo Roosen, Steve Ellner

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The Long Road Report Cover

The Long Road: Supporting Venezuelans through an Uncertain Future

A new report by the Venezuela Working Group, an initiative of the Inter-American Dialogue’s Peter D. Bell Rule of Law Program, proposes a framework for future action based on a realistic assessment of Venezuela’s current trajectory.

Michael Camilleri

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Can Anyone Save Venezuela?

An economic and humanitarian crisis, precipitated by the Maduro regime, has brought Venezuela to the brink of collapse.

Michael Camilleri, Juan Gonzalez, Ben Pauker

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A group of Venezuelan migrants in Cali, Colombia. // Photo: City of Cali.

Do Countries Have Enough Capacity to Handle Migrants?

Millions of people are fleeing the Northern Triangle, Venezuela & Nicaragua. Are neighboring countries able and willing to accept them?

Laura Chinchilla, Manuel Orozco, Tomás Páez Bravo, Ronal Rodríguez

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Michael Shifter, Miguel Pizarro, Laura Chinchilla, and Michael Camilleri on the panel Video

Next Stop Caracas: Venezuela’s Uncertain Path Forward

On February 18, 2020, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted “Next Stop Caracas: Venezuela’s Uncertain Path Forward,”to discuss the future of Venezuela, and steps that should be taken by the international community to support a democratic transition.

Catharine Christie

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¿El nuevo eje del mal?: por qué Donald Trump puso el foco en su discurso ante la ONU sobre Venezuela, Irán y Corea del Norte

Corea del Norte, Irán y Venezuela fueron los tres países a los que el presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, dedicó más tiempo este martes en su primer discurso como jefe de Estado ante la Asamblea General de la ONU. Michael Shifter analiza el discurso del presidente Trump en esta entrevista con Angel Bermúdez para la BBC.

Michael Shifter, Ángel Bermúdez

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Thousands flee Venezuela, hoping to reach neighboring countries

Thousands flee Venezuela in the hopes of reaching Peru before the new passport restriction occurs. In the midst of an economic crisis worse than the Great Depression, the UN has categorically place this exodus near a crisis point. Michael Shifter, president of Inter-American Dialogue, discusses with CGTN’s Wang Guan the extent of this crisis, its implications at the international scale, and the measures that others can take to help.

Michael Shifter, Wang Guan

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PDVSA gas station in Venezuela

Can Venezuela’s Oil Industry Ever Recover?

Once a major OPEC producer, Venezuela has witnessed a spectacular fall in oil production over the last 20 years under Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro. In 2019, U.S. sanctions hastened this decline. Will Venezuela ever reclaim its place as a top oil producer?

Lisa Viscidi, Nate Graham

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